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A Foundation Course in Holistic Human Health

A Foundation Course in Holistic Human Health

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Authors: Sharmila Asthana, Akhilesh Shukla, T Sundara Raj Perumall

1st Edition, 2023

This book has been written as an accompanying textbook to a foundation course in holistic human health. It will, of course, also be of immense use to everyone who wishes to be healthy. The book offers a holistic approach to the health of the body, the health of the Self and the crucial role of a healthy Self in keeping the body healthy. It also includes a discussion on the health of the environment - everything in the environment that impacts the health of the human being i.e. the family, society and nature at large.

Written by physicians, it takes a look at both - the philosophy of health as well as the practices required to stay healthy. The philosophy includes basic, universal principles of health while the recommendations for health (based on the fundamental principles) are in the form of practices that can be implemented on a regular basis. The health tracker included in the book can help to keep a record of one’s progress in implementing the various practices and moving towards better health. Being devoid of confusing jargon, you will find this book simple and easy to read, explore and adopt.

The entire book is in the form of a dialogue – proposals are put forth with no compulsion to believe or accept them. The proposals address the logic and reasoning behind the question of ‘why to do’ as also the ‘how to do’ of health without resorting to dos and don’ts – accept the proposals or experiment with them only if they appear to be right to you.

The logic behind the recommendation of waking up early, the significance of your intake (everything you take in through the five senses), the importance of having the right thoughts and feelings and how to accomplish this….these and many such issues have been addressed. A significant inclusion is that of the purpose of a healthy body.

At every step along the way, one is gently guided towards better health. Beyond the individual, this book also has tremendous implications in the designing of health systems that are financially viable and holistically sustainable.

In the spirit of universalisation of knowledge for the well being of all, we are making effort for the availability of this book to all unconditionally. An eCopy of this book is freely downloadable from here.


ISBN: 978-81-952861-7-1 (Printed Copy)
ISBN: 978-81-952861-8-8 (eBook)

UHV Publications, UHV Foundation, Delhi

Printed by PHI, 27 Pace City 1, Sector 37, Gurgaon (Haryana) 122001