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A Foundation Course in Human Values and Professional Ethics

A Foundation Course in Human Values and Professional Ethics

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Authors:  RR Gaur, R Asthana, GP Bagaria

3rd Revised Edition, 2023

This textbook, designed for a foundation course in Human Values and Professional Ethics, is an outcome of the long-drawn search, visualization and experimentation by the authors and their colleagues to evolve an effective and universally acceptable content and methodology for introducing value education in the present curricula of technical and other professional institutions. Thus, it is in response to a long-felt and urgent need to integrate education in human values with professional skills. A unique methodology focusing on the right understanding of the human reality vis-à-vis rest of existence has been systematically presented. This involves the discovery of the inherent harmony and co-existence in entire existence forming the basis of Universal Human Values and facilitating transformation towards holistic perception and ‘Human Consciousness’.

Starting with identification of basic human aspirations as happiness and prosperity in continuity, the discussion is focused on the appropriate programme to fulfill these enabling to live a fulfilling life. Understanding harmony at various levels starting from the human beings and spanning up to the whole existence forms the core contents of value education in this book. Finally, the important implications of ‘right understanding’ in life and profession are adequately elaborated.

Unlike the conventional treatment, the issues in professional ethics are analyzed in the context of right understanding thereby enabling the resolution of various ethical dilemmas. The main focus is on the development of ethical competence in the individual through right understanding. The book concludes by proposing salient steps to undertake the journey towards holistic and value-based living.

Finally, it may be worth mentioning that the authors and the publisher consider the efforts towards integrating value education in the present education system as a mission. In this spirit, no royalty is being charged on this work and the price is kept as low as possible. In addition, an e-book version is freely available at no cost for facilitating wide-spread use of this innovative learning material.

In the spirit of universalisation of knowledge for the well-being of all, we are making effort for the availability of this book to all unconditionally. An eCopy of this book is freely downloadable.


ISBN: 978-81-957703-7-3 (Printed Copy)

ISBN: 978-81-957703-6-6 (e-book)

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Printed by PHI, 27 Pace City 1, Sector 37, Gurgaon (Haryana) 122001