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मध्यस्थ दर्शन में मानवीय मूल्य [Human Values in Madhyastha Darshan]

मध्यस्थ दर्शन में मानवीय मूल्य [Human Values in Madhyastha Darshan]

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श्रद्धेय श्री ए. नागराज द्वारा लिखित मानव व्यवहार दर्शन पर आधारित UHV Team की प्रस्तुति

First Edition, 2023

Madhyasth Darshan is a new emerging philosophy that describes the existential realities along with its implication in behaviour and work at the level of individual as well as society. This philosophy has been propounded by Shri A. Nagraj in 1970’s.

It is to be kept in mind that Darshan means realisation which calls for developing the capacity to see the reality in oneself directly. So, any study of Darshan shall help develop this capacity in the students through proper steps of practices and shall not just provide the information.

This book is the textbook for courses on Human Values in various philosophies and schools of thought (e.g., an elective in UHV-V in AICTE’s Model Curriculum for a Minor Degree in Universal Human Values)

ISBN:  978-81-952861-4-0 (Printed Copy)

ISBN:  (e-book)

UHV Publications, UHV Foundation, Delhi

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